Traveller Plus

One of our most popular series, enjoyed by thousands of teachers and students all over the world, has been updated, though it still contains the texts, exercises and approach that has made this series so popular. We call it ‘Traveller Plus’, since we have added extras to ensure it still complies with the demands of modern language teaching. This includes digital material for students, like the ELT Platform and videos to consolidate vocabulary and grammar structures. Teachers will especially be pleased with the extra grammar practice in the workbook, which gives them the freedom to practice the grammar structures according to the needs of their students.

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Course features


  • 7 levels leading to C1
  • Lively dialogues presenting real spoken English
  • Up to 80 pages of extra grammar practice in the workbook
  • Culture, CLIL, projects and videos
  • An integrated approach to the development of the four skills




  • Student’s book
  • Workbook with student’s CD-ROM
  • Teacher’s book
  • Class CDs
  • Teacher’s resource CD-ROM
  • Interactive whiteboard material
  • Free access to the ELT Platform (containing extra online material)


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Traveller Plus Beginners Student's Book          18,90
Traveller Plus Beginners Workbook (incl. CD-ROM)          10,90
Traveller Plus Beginners Workbook Teacher's Edition          18,41
Traveller Plus Beginners Teacher's Book          24,60
Traveller Plus Beginners Class CD          15,50
Traveller Plus Elementary Student's Book          18,90
Traveller Plus Elementary Workbook (incl. CD-ROM) €         10,90
Traveller Plus Elementary Workbook Teacher's Edition €         18,41
Traveller Plus Elementary Teacher's Book          24,60
Traveller Plus Elementary Class CD          15,50
Traveller Plus Pre-Intermediate Student's Book          20,53
Traveller Plus Pre-Intermediate Workbook (incl. CD-ROM)          11,92
Traveller Plus Pre-Intermediate Grammar Student's Book          15,56
Traveller Plus Pre-Intermediate Workbook Teacher's Edition          21,41
Traveller Plus Pre-Intermediate Teacher's Book          27,60
Traveller Plus Pre-Intermediate Class CDs          29,07
Traveller Plus Pre-Intermediate Interactive Whiteboard Material          150,00
Traveller Plus Intermediate B1 Student's Book          21,48
Traveller Plus Intermediate B1 Workbook (incl. CD-ROM)          12,77
Traveller Plus Intermediate B1 Workbook Teacher's Edition          €         21,41
Traveller Plus Intermediate B1 Teacher's Book          27,60
Traveller Plus Intermediate B1 Class CD €         37,69
Traveller Plus Intermediate B1 Interactive Whiteboard Material         150,00
Traveller Plus Intermediate B1 Teacher's Resource Pack €         27,00
Traveller Plus B1+ Student's Book €         21,48
Traveller Plus B1+ Workbook (incl. CD-ROM) €         15,56
Traveller Plus B1+ Workbook Teacher's Edition €         21,41
Traveller Plus B1+ Teacher's Book €         27,60
Traveller Plus B1+ Class CD          37,69
Traveller Plus B1+ Interactive Whiteboard Material         150,00
Traveller Plus B1+ Teacher's Resource Pack €         27,00
Traveller Plus B2 Student's Book          21,48
Traveller Plus B2 Workbook          15,56
Traveller Plus B2 Workbook Teacher's Edition          21,41
Traveller Plus B2 Workbook Key Booklet €         21,41
Traveller Plus B2 Teacher's Book €         27,60
Traveller Plus B2 Class CDs €         37,69
Traveller Plus B2 Interactive Whiteboard Material         150,00
Traveller Plus B2-C1 Teacher's Resource Pack €         80,80
Traveller Plus Advanced C1 Student’s Book €         21,48
Traveller Plus Advanced C1 Workbook €         15,56
Traveller Plus Advanced C1 Workbook Teacher's Edition €         21,41
Traveller Plus Advanced C1 Teacher’s Book €         28,20
Traveller Plus Advanced C1 Class CD €         37,69
Traveller Plus Advanced C1 Interactive Whiteboard Material €        150,00