Live English grammar

Live English Grammar

is a graded series of grammar books.
This highly exciting series covering four levels, from Beginner to Intermediate, adopts an innovative approach to presenting and practising grammar, which enables learners to acquire it naturally.

Beginner to Intermediate A1.1, A1.2, A2, B1/B1+

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  • Presentation of grammatical structures in meaningful contexts and realistic situations
  • Clear explanations and illustrative examples
  • Colourful photographs and illustrations throughout the book
  • Carefully graded and challenging exercises
  • Communicative activities which give learners the opportunity to practise the structures in a natural way
  • Oral and written practice in every unit
  • One revision exercise in each unit consolidating structures previously taught
  • Regular revision units


  • Student’s Book
  • Teacher’s Book
  • Teacher's Resource CD / CD-ROM

Live English Grammar Beginners SB Cover Comp Live English Grammar Beginners TB Cover  Live English Grammar TR CD Cover


9789603794233 Live English Grammar Beginners Student's Book  16,90 € 
9789603794240 Live English Grammar Beginners Teacher's Book  19,80 € 
9789603794257 Live English Grammar Elementary Student's Book  16,90 € 
9789603794264 Live English Grammar Elementary Teacher's Book  19,80 € 
9789603794271 Live English Grammar Pre-Intermediate Student's Book  16,90 € 
9789603794288 Live English Grammar Pre-Intermediate Teacher's Book  19,80 € 
9789603794295 Live English Grammar Intermediate Student's Book  16,90 € 
9789603794301 Live English Grammar Intermediate Teacher's Book  19,80 € 
9789604780600 Live English Grammar Beginners - Intermediate Test Booklet CD-ROM (V. 2)  24,00 €