Welttour Deutsch is an innovative series for German, which is absolutely communicative and practises all language skills. The first three levels take students to B1, while level 4 prepares them for a B1 or B2 exam. The colourful books with beautiful photos, together with the ZDF videos make learning German an enjoyable experience.

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Course features


  • colourful book with beautiful photos
  • well-structured lessons
  • interesting topics that concern people of today
  • The tasks of the workbook are based on the material in the student’s book
  • motivating audio materials, ZDF videos
  • clear grammar tables
  • a grammar and comprehension task related to the topic at the end of each lesson
  • exam-style exercises from level 1
  • practice all 4 skills and grammar in each lesson




  • Student’s book
  • Workbook
  • Teacher’s book
  • Class CDs
  • Interactive whiteboard material


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Sample Pages


WTD1 LB 78 83 web


WTD1 LB 86 web


WTD1 LB 88 web


WTD1 LB 91 web


WTD3 AB 60 web

         colourful book with beautiful photos






Welttour Deutsch 1 Lehrbuch          15,91
Welttour Deutsch 1 Arbeitsbuch (+CD)          14,91
Welttour Deutsch 2 Lehrbuch         15,91
Welttour Deutsch 2 Arbeitsbuch (+CD)         14,91
Welttour Deutsch 3 Lehrbuch         15,91
Welttour Deutsch 3 Arbeitsbuch (+CD)         14,91
Welttour Deutsch Abschlusskurs €         22,00