Maturita Leader

This colourful and interesting book was especially created to help Slovak students with the preparation for the Maturita exams. Each unit deals with a specific topic and contains an English-Slovak wordlist, vocabulary practice, listening comprehension. Reading comprehension, Use of English, writing practice and speaking practice. The books come with interactive whiteboard material.

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Course features


  • All exam topics and subtopics are covered
  • Comes with interactive whiteboard material for easy teaching
  • Exam tips allow students to create strategies for the different tasks
  • Structured development of the writing skill





  • Student’s book
  • Teacher’s book
  • Class CDs
  • Interactive whiteboard material

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Maturita Leader B1 Class CD (SK ed.)  €                28.98
Maturita Leader B1 Student's Book (SK ed.)  €                25.00
Maturita Leader B1 Teacher's Book (SK ed.)  €                12.77




Maturita Leader B1 Class Cd (SK ed.)
Maturita Leader B1 Student’s Book (SK ed.)
Maturita Leader B1 Teacher’s Book (SK ed.)